The project and its general aims

Both the experience and the academic debate recognise the need to support and valorise processes of SME aggregation by promoting activities of inter-organisational non formal learning, networking and animation of local expert communities (i.e entrepreneurs, managers, technicians).

The promotion of knowledge and learning processes should be lead by well targeted action methodologies and, in particular, the action learning (AL) one, which is based on the assumption that people learn more effectively when working on real time problems occurring in their own settings. AL is a process in which individuals, with different skills and experience, and social networks analyse problems and develop action plans for increasing opportunities of learning and improving the overall effectiveness of organizational systems and inter-organisational relationships.

The SME ACTor project aims at supporting facilitators/ mediators of SME co-operation in the acquisition of the action learning techniques. Such skills may render more effective ways of promoting SME aggregation and cooperation processes (consortia, networks, industrial clusters). The project will develop a corresponding curriculum and train to become a SME ACTion learning facilitator.

Enterprises will benefit from the Leonardo pilot project SME ACTor in which vocational learning will be beyond lesson-based activities and run in a non-traditional way at individual and organisational level. Besides, the human resources for playing the role of facilitator/mediator will be already existing local resources, such as:

  • consultants supporting groups of companies in co-operative projects,
  • professionals/managers from sectoral/employers associations,
  • professionals/managers from local development agencies,
  • trainers from the local VET system.

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